4 Tips to Get the Right Condo Insurance

Getting the right condo insurance matters, and if you’re in the Amsterdam, NY area, Kinowski Agency Inc. can help. Our agents know what makes a great policy and can answer any questions you have about your current policy or one you’re considering. Whether you have insurance on your condo already or are buying a condo and need a new policy, here are four tips to consider.

4 Tips to Get the Right Condo Insurance

1. Understand what’s really covered when you buy condo insurance.

Condos aren’t the same as detached houses, and they don’t require the same type of coverage. But it’s still important to make sure you have a policy that addresses all the important areas you’re responsible for so you have proper protection.

2. Work with a trusted agent to help you.

Don’t choose a policy on your own, especially if you’ve never owned a condo before. By working with an agent, you’ll be much more likely to get the right coverage and not have anything left out.

3. Make sure you’re protecting any unique items.

If you plan to keep something very valuable in your condo, like high-end artwork or expensive jewelry, you may want to have your policy reflect that. Otherwise, you might not have as much coverage as you need in the event of a claim.

4. Consider how your needs change over time.

Sometimes insurance needs change, and you may want to revisit your condo policy on a yearly basis or even sooner if you have a big life event. Keeping your policy current is extremely important.

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Buying condo insurance is important for protection and also for peace of mind. Kinowski Agency Inc. can help if you’re in the Amsterdam, NY area. Reach out to us today, and let us work with you to find the policy that meets your needs.

Do You Have a Condo in New York? Protect it with Condo Insurance

If the answer is yes, you will need a condo insurance policy to protect the interior of the unit and your personal property inside. Professionals at the Kinowski Agency Inc. in Amsterdam, NY can explain the ins and outs of condo protection and why it is so important.

Condo Insurance: What You Need To Know

While most states do not require condo insurance, it is like homeowners’ insurance in that mortgage lenders want to ensure their financial interest is protected for the duration of the loan in the event of a mishap. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often require a level of condo insurance also.

Condo insurance, or an H06 policy, is designed specifically for condominium units and typically covers items inside the unit. Condo association fees may cover some insurance needs, but an H06 policy is intended to fill the gaps.

While condo insurance covers personal property within the condo, certain high-value items may not be covered. You may want to consider a separate rider for high-ticket items such as furs, artwork, or jewelry. The insurance professionals at the Kinowski Agency can advise you.

In the event a guest or visitor is injured or bitten by your dog while visiting your condo, you may be faced with a liability claim. Condo insurance provides coverage for that claim.

What if your condo becomes uninhabitable for a duration of time? Broken pipes or flooding due to bad weather can make it necessary for you to vacate your property while repairs are being made.

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Condominium associations will have their own coverage for the exterior of the building and shared property. But your personal property is not covered. Don’t leave yourself open to financial disaster. Let the Kinowski Agency professionals in Amsterdam, NY answer all your questions.