Who Can Drive Vehicles Insured with Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is a specialized type of policy designed to protect vehicles that qualify as classic, antique, or exotic models. These policies often have specific terms; one common specific is who can drive the insured vehicle. Here’s a look at who might be permitted by a classic car policy to operate the vehicle.

Designated Drivers on the Policy

Many classic car insurance policies list designated drivers who are allowed to operate the vehicle. If designated drivers are explicitly listed on a policy, they’re likely the only ones who can drive the car. Coverage may be voided if anyone else gets behind the wheel.

If a policy doesn’t have an explicit list of designated drivers, then most licensed drivers can likely operate the vehicle — so long as they aren’t in an excluded category.

High-Risk Drivers

High-risk drivers, such as those with DUIs or a history of serious traffic violations, are often not permitted to drive under a classic car insurance policy. They may not be able to get their own classic car policy, and other driver’s classic car policies will almost certainly void coverage if a high-risk driver gets behind the wheel.

If you own a classic car and recently got a DUI, we at Kinowski Agency Inc. can help you explore what your options are. While many policies for classic vehicles might exclude you, there are usually some available that won’t. We’ll look at what options are available to Amsterdam, NY drivers in your situation and find the best solution.

Young Drivers

Sometimes policies exclude young drivers from operating vehicles insured with classic car insurance. Young drivers are typically those under the age of 25.

Check Your Policy’s Terms

While these are common restrictions, every classic car insurance policy has its own terms that dictate coverage. If you’re in Amsterdam, NY, we at Kinowski Agency Inc. can help you find a policy that has terms that allow you and your family members to drive a classic car.

Don’t Leave Your Classic Car Unprotected – Insure It

Are you the owner of a classic car and living in the Amsterdam, NY area? If so, make sure you have the professionals at Kinowski Agency Inc. provide the insurance you need for your classic car.

Classic Car Coverage Options

The definition of a “classic car” will differ based on who you ask. The CCCA, Classic Car Club of America, defines a classic as one manufactured from 1915 to 1948. Some use the term to refer to antique, collector, and vintage cars.

Basically, definitions of what determines a classic car will depend on your insurance company.

This is how these cars are defined by some insurance companies:

  • An antique automobile is 25 or more years old and has been maintained, restored, or preserved by an antique automobile enthusiast.
  • A classic automobile is one that is 10 years old or more and is a rare vehicle or of historical interest, that has been maintained, restored, and preserved by a classic automobile enthusiast.
  • A replica is a reproduction of a classic or antique automobile. A vehicle more than 25 years old is considered an antique.

Classic car insurance covers a wide range of vehicles.

Here are some types that may be eligible for classic car insurance:

  • Antiques
  • Classic cars
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Classic tractors
  • Military vehicles
  • Modified vehicles, such as hot rods
  • Race cars
  • Retired commercial vehicles, such as fire trucks
  • Trucks
  • 1980 and newer collector vehicles

Classic car insurance covers a variety of cars. How the vehicle is used is usually a key factor insurance companies use to determine coverage.

Insurance for a classic car generally means “limited use”. The car will be driven only for certain activities, such as classic car club functions, parades, and exhibitions.  The vehicle can also be used for occasional pleasure drives. But if it is being used on a regular basis, for example, commuting to your place of employment, it will not be covered by a classic car policy.

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