What if I Don’t Have Umbrella Insurance?

Often overlooked, umbrella insurance is a critical yet undervalued coverage. It springs into action, taking care of any exceeding liabilities once your primary insurance coverage is entirely consumed.

What If I Don’t Have Umbrella Insurance?

Let’s examine the potential consequences.

Scenario One: All Good; No Fret!

Having excess or umbrella insurance is always a wise step. It takes over when your primary insurance settles a claim, and a balance must be cleared. But suppose your primary insurance compensates the claim fully. In that case, not possessing umbrella insurance may not seem like a grave risk.

Scenario Two: Bankruptcy

In a more dramatic scenario, you could be sued for a hefty amount, and your primary insurance coverage falls short. Without umbrella insurance, you would have to bear this deficit. This gap could be astronomical enough to drive you towards bankruptcy, a threat that umbrella insurance wards off effectively.

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